Securing the Best Rate Possible.

Securing currency at the best rate possible is achieved through either purchasing instantly, securing a fixed rate for the future or waiting for the market to move to where you need it to be.

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Buying Other Currencies.

When you purchase in another currency, the rate at which you exchange your home currency has a considerable impact on your buying power. There are three options available to help you secure the best rate possible.

  1. Instant Transactions.
    Purchasing currency on the Spot Market allows your business to take fast delivery of currency and take advantage of market movements.
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  2. Securing a Fixed Rate for the Future.
    Purchasing your currency via Forward Contracts enables you to have far greater control of your budget.
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  3. Waiting for the Market to Move.
    Take advantage of short term movements in the currency markets with our offering of market orders. The markets are open 24hrs a day, so are we.
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Central FX offer us the perfect service to suit our business. We are able to arrange both forward buying and spot contracts with ease and the contracts are closed efficiently and effectively, thereby saving us time and hassle.

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About Central FX.

At Central FX, we help corporates and private clients to manage their currency risk and international payments.

As a service led, data driven business, we help you to understand and manage your currency risk by completing a Currency Risk Assessment. The assessment looks at everything that can affect your business and the markets, providing the insight you need to create the right strategy that will meet your needs.

There are four core factors that dictate your currency risk and it’s understanding those factors as well as understanding what moves the market that makes us Currency Risk Experts.

From making payments to managing more complex matters, if currency is central to your business, you need Central FX.

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